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Some Answers to Questions

What kind of clothes do you sell? sells almost entirely men's vintage clothes and accessories from the 1940's through the early 1980's with an emphasis on 70's disco clothes, and western shirts. We have over 1,000 items on the website, including 70's disco shirts and bell bottom pants, 60's suits and "Mad Men" style blazers, 50's shirts ranging from lounge and cabana to BanLon, and 1940's Hawaiian shirts and gabardine jackets.
Sazz Vintage Clothing "the store" sells both men's and women's vintage. See below.

Do you have a "real" storefront?

YES! We have a real brick and mortar store in the Bella Vista/South Street neighborhood of Philadelphia stocked with a curated collection of boutique vintage fashions, including 1950s-60s dresses, 1970s-80s concert, band, and printed t-shirts, mens western shirts, denim jackets, cowboy boots, and a wide variety of estate jewelry and collectibles.
Sazz Vintage is closed for the month of February
Please The phone number is 215.923.7299.

Sazz Vintage is closed for the month of February

Please visit our friend's at Raxx Vintage Emporium

Raxx Vintage Emporium
534 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

What kind of condition are the website items in?

Everything is rated on a scale of "Excellent" to "Poor".
Excellent= Deadstock/Never Worn generally w/ the original tags.
Very Good= No holes, stains, tears, rips etc..Clean & wearable!
Good= Maybe a small stain or rip but minor stuff.
Fair= Torn seam or noticeable hole.
Poor= Has problems but is too dang cool not to list.

Is everything clean?

Jackets and suits are washed or dry cleaned unless the cost of dry cleaning outweighs the benefits (too pricey and not dirty). Shirts and pants are always washed and steamed.
I would never sell "dirty" clothing. Some stuff is so fragile that I choose to let you clean your own, but that will be noted in the listing.
Items that are "deadstock" or "Never Worn" are sold in "as-is" condition (I do not unfold these items to check them), but these items are usually amazingly clean because they have never been worn or unfolded!

How do I size myself?

Check the SIZE CHART
I know- why isnt there more XL..well, truth be told people are just bigger today. We are taller and more muscular. I offer as much in larger sizes as I can get my hands on.

CHEST: Shirts are measured across the front about 1/4" from the armpit on either side and that measurement is then doubled.
PANTS: We go by the ACTUAL MEASUREMENT of the waist. In general do NOT use your modern pants as a size guide as modern pants are cut much larger and the numbers tend to not equal your measurments.
(Ive had guys claim to "wear a 34 jeans" and then when I get them to measure, they have a 36" waist, or bigger.)

If you cannot get to a tape measure, we recommend you buy pants 1 size larger than what you currently wear.
It is best to know your actual measurement. Vintage cannot be bought by size tag alone.
You cannot assume that vintage will fit the same as contemporary!

Where do you get your stock?

I have no life. My waking hours are spent dreaming up new ways to find you cool stuff and my weekends are spent driving stupid hours to some auction or estate sale to actually get these dreams clothes for you!

How do I pay you?

We offer a secure credit card link where you can pay with either your Visa or Mastercard. Or by Paypal.
If you are purchasing with Paypal, you must either be a verified Paypal user OR have a confirmed shipping address. We will cancel any order that fails to meet this requirement.
Either method will allow you to send payment in an easy, fast and secure method.
You can also call to place your order over the phone, 215-923-7299.

What about shipping?

We ship every business day and some Saturdays.
Basic shipping is Priority Mail which is 2-3 business days to most US addresses.
Expedited shipping is via Express Mail which is generally overnight but sometimes 2nd day if you are in a remote area.
We ship International to almost every country. You have a choice of Priority Mail or First Class mail during the checkout process
We can also ship via UPS on your account if you prefer, but please call us to arrange this shipping method.
Orders placed before 2pm EST are almost always shipped that same day (Monday - Friday). Orders placed on Saturday often ship out on Monday.

Can I send a money order?

Yes! Money orders are fine and will receive immediate shipping. You will need to email us to arrange this.
Sorry, NO cheques.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes, we accept credit card orders over the phone.
Just call: 215.923.7299

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world.

Can I "hold" an item?

Yes. You may place an item on hold for 3 days by emailing me and requesting it. If I do not hear from you in those 3 days, the item will be placed back in regular inventory.

Can I buy more than 1?

NO! Unless the item specifically says there are multiples- there is only one available! I mean...c'mon, this is vintage not the Gap...every item is unique! (I know it looks like you can change the quantity, but you really cant).

The item I want doesn't have the "add to cart" button. Can I order it?

No, sorry. If there is no "add to cart" button then the item has been sold and just hasn't been taken down from the website yet.

Whats with the Ugly Christmas sweaters? Are they mens, womens, or what?

Real vintage Ugly Xmas sweaters were almost always made for women. They just did not make sweaters with beads, glitter, bells, and sequins, for men back in the day. BUT men wear these sweaters now because they are f-ugly and awesome! Just because it might have once said "womens" on the tag, does not mean that a guy can't wear it- especially since these are worn for fun at parties! Who cares?!
Because we are a mens' vintage website, we measure each sweater and assign them a men's size.
If the fact that these sweaters were originally intended for women means that you "can't wear it"- then you should not purchase a vintage sweater- go buy something from Target.

Do you have the really old stuff, like from The Great Gatsby or Boardwalk Empire?

Our brother store, Briar Vintage Clothing, shares a space with us in our store and he stock this items.
The Briar Vintage collection offers mainly 1960s and earlier wearable antiques, such as older Levis jeans and denim jackets, mens' blazers, neckties and bowties, cufflinks, fancy hats (top hats, derbys, trilbys, etc..)
The website is and the phone number is 215-744-2222.

Why don't you have more women's on the website?

We offer 100s of pieces of women's vintage in our Philadelphia store, but this website is really for our fellas.
We do have two etsy stores that sell mostly women's vintage clothing: Sazz Vintage and Effina Vintage.
The Sazz Vintage etsy shop sells higher end items, and our sister store, the Raxx Vintage etsy shop offers quality but not pricey 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s vintage.

Do you buy vintage?

If you have a collection of items- then sure, drop us an email with some photos and your asking price.

Whats this warehouse about?

Bulk Vintage Clothing is a different company, located at 4324 Tackawanna St., Phila., PA 19124. Their website is
Please call them for more information, 215-533-2300.

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