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(Mens XL) Ugly Xmas Vest PENGUINS on Skis! Building Snowmen!!

(Mens XL) Ugly Xmas Vest PENGUINS on Skis! Building Snowmen!!

Code: 10908b


This Ugly Christmas Vest is friggin delightful. We got three penguins skiing down the vest, and no those are not skis on their little feet those are really long candy-canes, their ski poles are spun of glittery silver thread and their little green and white scarves have loose tassels at the end so you can pretend their blowing in the wind. The other two penguins that aren't skiing are little kid penguins who are busy building a snowman, with a santa hat, a big smile, and a red and white scarf with the loose tassel like the skiing penguins. The Kid penguins have green and red hats with puffballs at the end, as does the snowman's santa hat. Silver Snowflakes ad bead-swirls decorate the front of the vest around the penguins. Back is solid except for one kid penguin on the lower right, holding a green present. Collar, sleeve and hem are ribbed and black knit. Made by Holiday Editions. Ramie/Cotton.
Condition: Very Good: Missing some beads and has some loose threads. Does not detract from the awesomeness of this sweater!
Chest: 49" best for a mens XLARGE
Shoulders: 19"
Length: 30"

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