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(XL) Mens Vintage Embroidered Western/Hippie Shirt! Off-White w/ Flowers in Yoke! As-Is

(XL) Mens Vintage Embroidered Western/Hippie Shirt! Off-White w/ Flowers in Yoke! As-Is

Code: 14490


Mens Vintage Embroidered Western/Hippie Shirt! Off-White Western style shirt with beautifully embroidered flowers in the yoke. Embroidered flowers come in vibrant shades of blue, magenta, marigold, green, red and pink. Shiny off-white down the front with two more on each cuff. Shirt has an interesting hem. The hem itself is straight, but it appears as though it may have originally had a tapered hem and additional material, in the same color, was added on. A unique, vintage Western or Hippie look! Tag reads Specially Handmade by Debi. No material tag but feels like cotton or a cotton blend.
Condition: Good++. Has some faint, but significant staining in a few areas of the shirt. Yellow-ish stains appear on the right shoulder, on the side of the right collar, on the back of the left shoulder, on the right cuff, lower back of the shirt to the right and lower front of the shirt to the left and one in the front, center, left side of the shirt near the buttons. Also has a few smaller, faint brown-ish and reddish stains on the upper back of the shirt. Still an amazing and unique vintage shirt! Priced accordingly.
Chest: 46" XLARGE
Shoulders: 20"
Sleeves: 33" Collar to Cuff / 25" Shoulder Seam to Cuff
Length: 34"

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