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Vintage and modern sizing are not the same.

Most modern clothing is cut loose or baggy, or has *vanity sizing*.
Modern jeans that are marked 32x30 don't necessarily measure a 32" waist.
We measure everything! An inch is an inch- measurements don't lie.
Most men find they need to buy at least one waist size bigger than what they currently wear.
Womens modern "sizes" are even more messed up- please measure your bust, waist, and hips.

Shirt Size is based on the chest measurement. Also look at the shoulders, sleeves, and length.

Pants Size is based on the waist measurement. Also look at hips, inseam, and rise.

Dress Size is based on the bust measurement. Also look at waist, hips, shoulders, and length.

Below is our size chart. We use the measurements below to determine the size on our items. Compare your measurements to our chart.

You must look at all the provided measurements to ensure a good fit!


Measured across the chest from armpit seam to armpit seam and then that length is doubled. I always leave a little "breathing room" so the tape measure is actually placed about 1/2" from the actual seam. (Y'know, so you can move your arms.)

Sometimes we will give you the actual seam to seam measurement and then the recommended size.


Measured from the side of the collar where it meets the shoulder seam down to the cuff. (Not from the back of the collar.) Then from the collar/shoulder seam, over the shoulder and down the arm.


Measured from side to side and doubled, wherever the waist is on the item. (An example- an empire waist dress has a much higher waist than usual).


From the back of the collar (where the seam is), down the front, to the hem.


From shoulder seam to shoulder seam.


From crotch seam to cuff down the interior of the leg.


This is the length from waist to crotch seam.


From seam to seam and then doubled.

Some Vintage Clothing Tidbits:

Western Shirts- If the sleeves are too short, just roll the sleeves. Looks much sexier anyway to show those forearms.
1950s & 60s dress waists were much narrower because the designers assumed the use of a girdle or corset- Women forced their bodies to fit the dresses.
1970s clothing should fit you snug & sexy. Think John Travolta in SNF and how tight those pants were.
T-shirts- "old and thin" is actually a desired trait. If you can see light through the fabric when held up to the sun, then it is properly aged. (Like a fine wine).
Pants- In general, we are taller than our (great) grandparents. Wear some crazy coloured socks if the legs are too short.